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Filling the tea pot full

A wise friend once told me it was important in times of strife to replenish your teapot, to fill it of the things you love. Whilst this blog is definitely NOT destined to be a Facebook like collage of home baking, Hygge, white company PJs and words of wisdom, (like many I'm working out how we have an income from here on so it's not plain sailing) I AM soaking up the moments of joy and our 1 hour of exercise gave us plenty of that!! Five minutes in we'd already seen geese, ducklings, swans & cows and very few people. A huge thank you to the weather god for the sun today. Whilst I grabble with what ever the future will hold for us and we settle in to isolation with just the two of us now, I hold onto the fact that we have a home to isolate in, a garden, countryside around us, family on FaceTime, reliably non white PJ wearing honest friends and very most importantly my beautiful, full of joy girl, Eliza. xx

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Charlotte Durrant
Charlotte Durrant
Apr 24, 2020

Gorgeous to see/hear from you both. Time has flown and we have so much to catch up on! Sending hugs! Cx

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